Edmonton Festival Menus

We had an impressive selection of mouth-watering sips and samples cooked up for you! Take a look at the wine, beverage and food offerings for the 2023 Festival!

2023 Festival Guide

2023 Wineries

The wine world is here – check out the wineries from each country that are bringing their best to the Grand Tasting Hall.

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2023 Beer & Cider

Prefer your drinks brewed? Sip away on some of the best ciders and beers – both local and from all over the world!

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2023 Food Menu

We must warn you, before you open this menu, that intense cravings may result in some hangry decisions. Proceed with caution.

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2023 Other Beverages

That’s the spirit! Whether it’s gin, tequila, fine whisky, or something a little bit different, there’s something for everyone.

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