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Where do I purchase tickets?

How much do tickets cost?

Can I exchange/refund my tickets?

Can I purchase tickets for other people?

What does my ticket include?

What does a Front of the Line ticket include?

I misplaced the tickets I purchased online. Can I have them re-sent to me?

Is this an all-inclusive event?

How do the sampling coupons work? How much should I expect to spend on sampling coupons?

Where are sampling coupons available for purchase at the Festival? What methods of payment are accepted?

Is there a coat check at the Festival? If so, how much is it?

Is there a dress code?

Are there places to sit inside the hall?

When is the best time to arrive and enjoy the Festival?

How do I use my Festival Guide?

I have dietary restrictions – should I eat before I attend?

How large are the beverage samples? 

How can I find the products that I tried at the Festival?

Can I bring my child/baby?

Will the Festival occur in Vancouver this year?

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected] or phone (403) 228-0777.